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4 building blocks of the partnership with mesonic

1. The mesonic partner program

The mesonic partnership program includes authorization for reselling and consulting for all mesonic programs.
We offer our network partners full support and cooperation in the areas of sales, marketing and support and also provide software of the highest quality.
The mesonic partner program (MPP) contains a comprehensive service package of pre- and post-sales measures to support our partners in customer support and customer acquisition.


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4 building blocks of the partnership with mesonic

2. The authorization levels

The mesonic partner program consists of three authorization levels:

WinLine partners have mastered the complete mesonic product range and look after customers of all sizes - from small businesses to medium-sized businesses.

mesonic certified development consultants are qualified to carry out customer-specific extensions in our programs.

mesonic distributors support a large number of other system houses in their own competence centers, who also resell our software.

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4 building blocks of the partnership with mesonic

3. Training, qualification, certification

In the mesonic academy we offer continuing education and training with the practical implementation of theoretically acquired knowledge.

Learn how to use our business software in our product-oriented seminars and webinars - from the absolute basics to specialized scenarios, we tailor our training offers to any level of user experience.

You can certify your know-how by taking certification exams at the mesonic academy. System houses that are certified in all program areas receive the mesonic certified competence center award.


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4 building blocks of the partnership with mesonic

4. Benefit from the network

One of the privileges of being a mesonic partner is to be able to access the entire mesonic network.

Customer requirements, wishes and ideas and feedback from the field are exchanged, discussed and passed on for further handling in the network  of mesonic reselling partners and internal mesonic employees.

This enables every partner to react quickly to customer inquiries for new features, and to easily search for any industry-specific solutions that are already available or waiting in the pipeline for customer implementation.


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